Greetings and welcome to our website, My name is Bryan Esner and I am the Product Manager at Environmental Fluids, our solutions-based chemical company specializing in the cleanest, greenest, and highest-performing materials in the marketplace.

My role at the company is to stay updated and as close as possible to the latest technological advances in terms of green technology and renewable chemistries, allowing us to maintain our production processes at the very top of the industry in terms of environmentally-friendly specifications. Thus, we ensure that the products we manufacture are safe, nontoxic and quickly biodegradable once they’re within contact of soil, air or water.

In this article, I will explain just how and why EF has taken green chemistry so seriously, and how our company aims to adhere to the highest standards in quality while simultaneously protecting the environment.

When did the need for green technology in industrial processes first arise?

Humanity has evolved, and industrial processes have grown and matured with it. Initially, we were careless in our production procedures and in the selection of raw materials to be employed in the manufacture of our everyday goods and commodities. As a result, our planet began to suffer from a series of frightening side-effects that scientists soon discovered would only grow worse if we didn’t change our ways.

A moment arrived when it certainly looked like we were going to say goodbye to the planet as we knew it in a few centuries if we didn’t find a way to develop greener technologies, and a large part of the industrial world decided that enough was enough.

Although we had found, until then, high efficiencies and promising returns when using deadly, toxic chemical compounds that contaminated the planet freely, the results were always going to spiral towards disaster. The costs of losing in the long run were much dearer than the revenues we were earning at the time.

But how did we integrate these cleaner, safer processes into an industry that was constantly in operation and could allow itself no breaks?

"A moment arrived when it certainly looked like we were going to say goodbye to the planet as we knew it if we didn’t find a way to develop greener technologies, and a large part of the industrial world decided that enough was enough."

The challenges of adopting an environmentally-friendly mindset

The first question that was asked by manufacturing companies was the obvious one: is this really worth it? Nobody was about to restructure their business model and invest in green technologies without knowing if it wouldn’t all blow up in their faces and cause them to face crushing financial losses. Viability was the keyword at the time — a risky term that could push back all of the previous efforts to make things more environmentally friendly.

And although what followed was partly regulated by global organizations, who punished those industries unable to reduce their toxic and contaminating emissions, most studies allowed the companies to look at green chemistry in a good, positive light; one that made them feel comfortable with the shift. It was guaranteed: they would continue making money and reaching their desired markets without failure, but now the Earth wouldn’t suffer because of it.

A new mindset was born — one that not only allowed for the rewarding of manufacturing companies by external organizations for going green but also generated a personal feeling of incentive to the management of each company involved; it basically was a case of everyone beginning to feel they were playing their part in saving our planet and making it a safer place for men, women, children, and animals who had been in danger just years before.

The protection of our globe was just beginning.

We've been asked how our products compare to those of the competition. It's a tough question - especially because we make ours from scratch to cover each client's requirements, unlike other chemical companies.

— Bryan Esner, Product Manager

What does the future hold?

Our plans and projects at EF Materials are many, and we will continue to push forward our emphasis on green technologies and chemistries. In fact, we have an upcoming and very interesting line of nano-materials currently in pre-production stages, and we are very excited to be including another series of sustainable, bio-based products to our catalogs. These tiny chemical compounds exhibit abilities that many other common materials don’t, allowing customers to apply a new, modern alternative to meet their specifications.

Our line of biologically engineered enzymes is also a project under development that will soon transform the landscape of biochemical products and materials as we know it; they are the end result of the most complex and powerful chemistries combining with the enchanting natural processes of biology. Testing has already shown their incredibly positive effects, and we are prepared to go all-in when it comes to the enzyme industry.

In any case, we will keep you updated; these are exciting times for Environmental Fluids, and we’re certainly going to keep working hard for our clients’ satisfaction!

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Bryan Esner, Product Manager.