Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the blog at EFMaterials.com! My name is Steve Baker and I am the National Sales Director here at Environmental Fluids. I’m the person responsible for articulating the company’s vision and proudly carrying the responsibility of working alongside more than fifty sales representatives in twenty countries across the globe!

One of the key focuses and philosophies of our business revolves around providing end to end solutions which delivers the most personal level of service in the marketplace. One of the common differences between our approach and that of others in the space is our transparency and commitment to establishing strong partners, which includes both end customers and industry consultants to optimize this experience.

But how does this all work?

Consultants are industry professionals acting as an extension of EF, connecting our comprehensive platform with key players in the chemical and material sciences community. These specialists work at the local, regional and national levels offering their services to provide a more technical and engaging supplier experience.

In addition, these representatives can act as a local supply chain partner making use of local warehouses to cut down on stocking and delivery requirements. This also helps us acquire important knowledge to quickly and easily respond to client’s questions and needs in an efficient manner.

"Our platform has been built in a way that allows us to provide the most personal level of service in the industry."


- Steve Baker, National Sales Director

Solutions to Meet Your Time, Cost and Other Requirements

At Environmental Fluids, our service stems from the ability to work alongside our clients’ quality control, engineering or sales departments to generate new chemical products or improve upon existing formulations. Environmental Fluids has carried out these services for hundreds of companies with proven success at improving the quality of the resulting products.

Our main goal is to study the client’s pain points and decide whether new chemistries are required to phase out older, legacy materials which cause their products to be hazardous, lower-performing or obsolete. We recognize our customer’s strengths and their weaknesses and serve as a consultative technology partner to help them minimize any deficiencies.

In extension to a consultative fundamental approach, our proprietary computer simulation systems reduce costly and inefficient laboratory, pilot and production reaction processes.  Through the use of computational power and sophisticated algorithms, we can virtually simulate a plethora of laboratory experiments including the study of atoms and molecules at the quantum mechanical level.

All that is just the tip of the iceberg!

The advanced capabilities found within our state-of-the-art research and development technology platform allows us to integrate with clients’ quality control, research, testing and product development labs. This enhances everything from product design to commercialization, all while reducing laboratory test times by an average of 90%.

Why Solutions are Pertinent in the Chemical Industry

There is a missing link between clients and producers that is desperate to be filled. This is achieved by an end-to-end link between clients and the respective producer. The gap lies in the transparency that all B-2-B relationships should emulate. Producers should act as technology partners helping clients and their personnel improve upon research, process engineering, production, and the supply chain. This is a collaborative approach working as an alliance to achieve both company’s common goal.

"Environmental Fluids is proud to say that we don’t just improve upon existing technologies, we serve as a technology partner to our customers and support their initiatives for greener, higher performing materials."

— Steve Baker, National Sales Director

What are Your Needs Today?

At Environmental Fluids, we would like to know more about your company to understand any challenges you may be experiencing. It’s our company’s initiative to deliver world-class service as your technology partner, optimizing and streamlining the product development process to produce safer, biologically friendly materials. Our focus is resilient and remains at the forefront of the industry: engineering with an environmental approach to eliminate a carbon footprint and prolong the lives of humanity through steadfast ingenuity. We can’t wait to work with you!

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Steve Baker, National Sales Manager.