One of the biggest concepts surrounding humanity, which in itself acts as a driving force that has allowed us to leave our old feudal times behind, has been the birth, growth and evolution of industry. Small and large scale industry manufacturing has turned the world around and accelerated our growth as a species, giving us the ability to expand our productive levels in an infinite number of goods and services, as well as allow workers to find new sources of income that require less and less hard work and labor as times pass.

The importance of industry is well-documented, and there is a before and after in terms of the function of our economies pre- and post-Industrial Revolution. It must be said: the ability to mass produce goods with the use of technology in large scale industry manufacturing has changed our world and our perception of it forever.

"Product Manufacturing is the precise event which we can use to identify the before and after of modern industry."

- Ryan Esner, CEO

How we invented product manufacturing – and how it reinvented us

Large scale industry manufacturing is a relatively new concept – four hundred years ago we would have been unable to make – even in the span of an entire year – the most simple of chemical, metal, textile, or cement product batches that can be created today within hours. Men and women were busy leaving their homes behind every morning to work on the fields, mines or trade routes that provided them with their sole source of income through their hard, unforgiving labor; nobody could envision a time where machines would do most of our work at an even more efficient level than even the best of us can perform at.

Product manufacturing today, however, is as common as it is accessible – the shift of factories and labor to countries where both concepts are cheaper in terms of investment and costs has allowed many companies and/or entrepreneurs to begin manufacturing as soon as they can gather a basic investment to order their first batch of goods.

The only thing necessary to manufacture a product in modern times is an idea, a contact within a plant with a distribution system (although these two can be separate entities), and the bare minimum resources to keep the business afloat. Nothing more.

Where is large scale industry manufacturing heading towards?

The extensive development in our ability to acquire information within seconds has turned the very concepts of knowledge and information into products, commodities that have been becoming more useful in the past fifty years, and which seem to be taking us toward a post-industrial society.

Right now, companies are reorganizing themselves to keep up with the times in attempts to offer multi-dimensional industry products, which involve a more efficient system than the traditional matrix organization that had an extremely centralized chain of command. Multi-dimensional industry products are based on fulfilling the requirements of customers in different fields, encouraging industrial companies to branch out and seek to fill expectations in numerous applications.

Thus, a new period in the story of product manufacturing has begun: one in which the customer’s needs are now the business itself and not the means to an end.

One could say that it is about time things functioned that way. Contact us (here) for more information on how we can apply our product solutions to your manufacturing needs.