Hello, my name is Ryan Esner and I am the CEO of EF Materials. For more than a decade, we have evolved from a chemical supplier into much more than just that, developing our numerous services to cater to our customers’ strictest requirements. While focusing on providing solutions, our company has spread its national and global presence to newer, more relevant levels within the industry.

In this post, I personally wish to offer you a warm welcome to the EF family, introduce you to what we do as a company and explain how we have set out to make the chemical marketplace safer for the environment. I also want to greet you to our blog, where we will be continually posting content on the latest chemical developments as well as the most descriptive articles on the chemical materials and solutions that we use at our own company.

Please feel free to navigate through our blog and discover more once you have finished reading this article!

An introduction to EF Materials

Established in 2005, Environmental Fluids was created to provide cutting-edge, turnkey chemical solutions to the needs of our customers. We specialize in a diverse range of industries, catering to markets varying from the intricacies of the textile business, to working with the meticulous requirements of personal care products.

Our core value and most important asset is our service, a word that means much more to us than just offering a level of know-how or a number of products to our clients. You see, Environmental Fluids is a company that believes in working alongside our customers to develop the products for each task they may require. Whether it is necessary to manufacture them from scratch or from pre-existing formulations, our chemists and engineers have it covered in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

We listen to every single need that our customers may have in their manufacturing process and act accordingly, regardless of the current development stage they may find themselves in. Through the use of modern technological advancements, our researchers get to work on establishing a number of tests and simulations that model and study the enhancements that can be applied to a formulation. This is all done while maintaining a transparent, continuous level of communication with the client to assess their opinions and specifications about the task at hand.

Basing our success not on the delivery of a solution but on the satisfaction of our clients, Environmental Fluids works around the clock to ensure that no specification is left uncovered, nor any parameter ignored.

Most importantly, we do not impose volume requirements on our customers and our company’s considerable operational flexibility gives clients the valuable opportunity of purchasing only as much of a product as they need, and not relying on a minimum quantity that competitors may force upon them.

Changing the world, one chemical at a time

What exactly makes our company special? It is a question that the head of every company must be able to answer. EF’s answer is simple: we care about the environment and the nature of our products testifies to this fact.

At Environmental Fluids, we believe in the continued replacement of toxic and volatile substances which are well known for their ability to contaminate, poison and kill ecosystems and their users alike. Some chemicals can cause instantaneous damage on their surroundings, while others administer their harmful effects in a slower and more discreet manner which is difficult to detect or quantify until it is too late. Either way, we want to replace both types of substances with green alternatives.

Moreover, the problem with many chemicals is that, as efficient as they may be in performing a task and providing a satisfying result, they are still harmful to their surroundings and the people involved in their application. Solvents from non-renewable sources, such as petroleum products, for example, are known for their low biodegradability as well as their toxic nature that has seen modern industries poison many expanses of previously fertile soil and sources of water. This is, of course, an undesirable trait that gives these types of chemicals a downside that can make them inefficient for many tasks, such as those where products of human consumption are involved.

Another objectionable property which chemicals may possess is a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Chemicals with this attribute possess a low boiling point, meaning that large numbers of molecules can easily evaporate or sublimate into the surrounding air, quickly becoming inhaled by animals, adults and children. Although not all VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are toxic, the ones that are can cause life-threatening long-term health effects, such as cancer.

Indeed, our priority at Environmental Fluids is not just one of efficiency and doing what’s right; it’s about humanity and protecting people across the globe as well as the globe itself.

Making the chemical marketplace safer and greener

Our company is a leader in renewable and bio-based chemistries, formulating only the greenest products which are used to tackle the same tasks that competitors may also handle and simultaneously ensuring that we do not leave our mark on the environment.

The product range at Environmental Fluids is vast, consisting of over 250 chemicals of several classes, built for the requirements in various industrial, institutional, and household applications that our customers may work with. We offer high-quality lines of surfactants, polymers, hydrotropes, green solvents, specialty chemicals, enzymes, and nano-materials, all of which are safe, non-toxic, and have been formulated from renewable sources. Most importantly, they are built to the specifications of these aforementioned customers, who may switch, change, and vary their performances according to their needs.

However, our strength is truly not in the products we already manufacture, but the ones that we are capable of creating from scratch.

We offer our services to clients engaged in a number of strategic markets and our product reach allows us to provide turnkey solutions to industries working with personal care products, HI&I applications, dyes, and paints, leather auxiliaries, ceramic materials, as well as textile and fabric pretreatment auxiliaries. As of 2022, we are also taking important steps into the biotech and quantum computing industries and will provide powerful solutions to companies looking to venture into the future of material sciences.

Whether our customer’s operation demands the use of a surfactant for the creation of an emulsion or the hydrotrope to stabilize it, the application of a performance chemical to improve the quality of a product or a specific polymer to manufacture a section of heat-resistant material, Environmental Fluids is ready to meet the challenge and provide solutions. Contact us today for additional information on our catalog and the services we provide!

“The level of service we provide defines our company. Our philosophy is led by our investment in research and design of breakthrough technologies to improve the chemicals we encounter in our daily lives. It is EF's commitment to the industry and to the world.”

— Ryan Esner, CEO

Hello, I'm Ryan Esner, CEO of EF Materials!

With all that said, I hope you now understand what our company is about and what we’re hoping to achieve alongside our customers. Setting the bar high with world-class engineering and custom formulation development, Environmental Fluids is here to serve your company in whichever way we can.

Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon.

Ryan Esner, CEO.